5 Year Frame Gurantee

As a furniture manufacture who prides themselves on high quality furnishings and ensures a thorough quality check before delivery we have high confidence in our work that we are willing to offer a five year guarantee to all our customers on our handmade sofas & chairs.

The guarantee starts from the day the furniture piece is delivered and covers only the structural frame which we believe should last well over 5 years under normal use. Wear and tear is not included under this guarantee and it also does not apply to cushions, fillings, springs , fabric or legs. JKlein Furniture reserves the right to determine whether the frame has failed due to defect; manufacturing fault, misuse or abuse.

In the event there is an issue with your frame we will require proof of purchase and a summary of the problem along with any other information such as images that may help to determine the next step. All of this information should be sent to our email jkleinfurniture@gmail.com

Your statutory rights are unaffected.

You can browse our products with confidence knowing you have this seal on our products! Shop online today!